Published: 23 March 2013
Country: Peru       Author: Marc-Aurèle

Lima, very short

Around Christmas 2012

We landed in Lima on Christmas eve and had already booked a nice hotel for one night since there wasn't any bus to travel to another town on the 24th. We arrived very early in the morning, around 5.30am at the airport, and as well very early at the hotel. We had to wait for our room until 11am, so we headed to the closest boulangerie to get a morning croissant and coffee. But yeah, again, we had to wait, it was too early... At least we could watched the locals, like runners, or Peruvians selling cookies at traffic lights. When we got out of our morning break, we met the receptionist of the hotel in the street on his way home and he let us knew that we could get the room right now. Yes! Thank you!

With our room, came a welcome drink, of course ;-) A pisco sour, the Peruvian drink! We took it before our lunch, and it knocked us out I must say... The barman maid it very strong (compared to others we had later).

We walked in our neighborhood to find a restaurant and took a walking tour in the afternoon, before heading back for some needed sleep. We tried to book a nice restaurant for our Christmas diner but many places seemed to be closed for that evening so we just stayed in our hotel. The bed was amazing and we had a great sleep! That was very well welcomed!

The day after we procrastinated in our hotel room until we had to check-out. We walked through another park to get our lunch and went to the bus terminal to catch our 6:30pm bus to Arequipa.

Our Lima time was more a resting time than a visiting one. Surely we missed some stuff, but we kept our energy for later in Peru.

  • Waiting for the boulangerie to open
    Waiting for the boulangerie to open
  • First night bus of a long serie
    First night bus of a long serie