Published: 10 December 2012
Country: Nicaragua       Author: Marc-Aurèle

Visit to a dental clinic in Nicargua

Or should I start with another title more or less: what the f*ck did happen to Marco again? It's not gonna be a long story with lots of blood or anything. It's pretty straight forward. While I was surfing and trying to show something to Lory, I didn't think I was pretty close to the beach and that the water was shallow. So when I fell from the board (because I'm not so good - and I won't get better anyway now...) I went head first thinking I will make a nice swim as I used to do when I was surfing in the bigger waves away from the beach. But yes, as you can now imagine, it happened exactly as you're doing. I hit pretty hard my head down on the sand (lucky enough there wasn't any rock!) and felt a strong shock in my neck and a second one in my mouth! I recall that when I was still in the water I was already seeing myself opening my mouth with a couple of loose pieces of teeth. Oh no! WTF! When I got my head out of the water to breath, I let go my fear and checked what I could have in my mouth... Hhhmmm....... Nothing, or almost! I fell tiny pieces but nothing big. Oh I'm happy so far! Oh, but my neck! Achhh it's painful. I told Lory who was next to me that I hit the bottom the hard way, as she could not have seen anything of what just happened.

I showed her my teeth because I could feel a broken part in one of my incisive and, yes there is something broken but it's not obvious. So now... what next? Hmm? Well, it's me, so let's go back surfing... Not kidding! I went back but my back was really painful and I thought like as in kitesurfing or skiing, it's when I'm tired or have some pain in my muscles that something worse can happen. So I stopped pretty quickly and went to rest on the beach. My neck... oh my neck... the pain is really there and won't go away apparently this time! Time for a beer to recover from my crash. But wait, isn't my teeth going to be super sensitive now that it's broken on cold drinks? Let's try and see! Done is done, so let's go for a first test. I take a small sip of beer, and another one, and another one, and don't feel anything. Waaaououou! Later that night, I even tried a hot brownie with ice cream and a cappuccino, and it was fine as well.

The day after, Sunday, when I woke up, my neck & back were a mess... :-( It wasn't a fun day to spend and I played Robocop all day long. On Monday I found out that there was a chiropractic guy in town and went directly there in the afternoon to be put back in place or at least somehow, and hopefully to feel better quicker. And yes, it happened! The day after I was better, even though I still had pain.

It happened 2 weeks ago, and I still can't move freely my head without feeling some pain in certain directions. So it will take a little while before I don't feel anything. Nevertheless, during that time I went to the dentist and got my teeth fixed.

Yes, I did go to the dentist in Nicaragua, at the Suncare dental clinic in town, in San Juan del Sur. The guy was very profesional and even showed my on a screen thanks to a little camera all my teeth and cavities I had. It was the first time I saw so well all my teeth and inside my mouth! I could see that his main topic is dental hygiene. A positive experience!

But now I have to be careful with any shock and the future will tell me if I'm a lucky guy with really good teeth, or if the pair of cracks I have in each incisive teeth will slowly expand or stay as they are... :-(

The finding out of this story... I'm done surfing I guess, not only because I'll be scare to hit another time the bottom, but because I could experience already in Canada, Tofino, that my broken cartilage ribs didn't healed correctly. More exactly, the cartilage didn't consolidate as it was originally and now I have a piece of it pointing right out. And it creates a big bruise right on the upper part of my stomach. Which doesn't let me surf very long... I said surfing, not kitesurfing, don't get me wrong here ;-)

  • My broken teeth
    My broken teeth
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    Chiropractico, San Juan del Sur
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    Suncare Dental Clinic, San Juan del Sur
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